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We are committed to providing the medical and dental industry with high quality, cost-effective instruments. Our model is based on creating value rather than making profit. Thus, we pledge to provide the finest materials, craftsmanship, products, and services available in the industry.

“Your strategic partner of premium quality surgical instruments at affordable prices.”

DeDeCEO, Mannette Medical

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Surgical Instruments

We provide comprehensive range of surgical scissors, forceps, retractors, clamp, Needle Holders and Suction tubes

Dental Instruments

We offer wide range of dental instruments including extraction forcep, Scalers, Elevators, Curettes, Syringes and Articulators

Micro-surgery Instruments

Our company offer complete range of microsurgery instruments including Micro-Scissors, Micro-Forceps, Vascular Clamps, Dissectors, Hooks and Retractors

Orthopedic Instruments

Mannette Medical offers diverse range of Orthopedic instruments including Spinal Rongeurs, Bone cutting forceps, Screw-Drivers, Drill Bits and Guide

ENT Instruments

Acheron covers wide variety of ENT Instruments which comprises of Crocodile Forcep, Dilators, Tracheostomy & Laryngectomy Tubes and Speculums

Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • 5000+ Premium Surgical Instruments
  • Certified Quality products
  • State of the art customer services
  • Satisfied customers
  • Reputation and Excellence
  • Knowledge, Passion and Commitment

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Our overall experience with Mannette Medical has been extremely positive. In fact, we consider them part of our team. We like the fact that they can handle the entire logistics for us. We rely on their expertise for all our development work. Their knowledge, professionalism, ability to engineer and their internal quality control are outstanding. We will definitely continue to work with Acheron Instruments in the future

Mr. RyanBio-Medical Engineer, USA

Using the medical products manufactured by Mannette Medical has helped me satisfy my customers by and large in every way. The availability of all kinds of medical products required under one umbrella has helped us save on a lot of time and effort. Their keen desire to grow and satisfy their customers has propelled me to come back again and again to Mannette Medical.

Mr. Jonathan,CEO, USA

We find the Mannette Medical instruments of a very high quality and have purchased these for some considerable time, especially Orthopaedic instruments. The prompt service that we receive is also outstanding.

Mr. B. JohnOperation Theater In-charge

My association with Mannette Medical has been for a number of years. The products I have used till date are of superior quality and long term durability. My complete satisfaction with their products propells me to further recommend it to other users.

Mr. Martin,Procurement Manager, USA

Mannette Medical provides me with an efficient and personalised service arranging my order with no delay. After discussing my specific needs they handmade the surgical instruments to my exact specifications. Reasonably priced and excellent after care too. The final products are of high quality and I would highly recommend them.

Mr. Philips AndrewChief Purchaser, USA

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Through its network of joint ventures, distributors and importers, Mannette Medical Provides quality medical instruments to thousands of doctors in the USA.

Head Office:
222-N GLebe Road, Suite# 1 Arlington, VA 22203, USA.

Email: info@mannettemedical.com
Call/Whatsapp: +1 (703) 986-9810
+1 (202) 503-9498

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